Weed Control


Staying Three Steps Ahead of Your Weeds

Weeds are inevitable with regular maintenance, and our weed control team makes it a pleasure every step of the way. The first step to understanding the weeding process is being able to identify each type.

Annual Weeds – Most commonly seen are the protruding sprouts of chickweed and groundsel. Although there appearance may take less than a year to germinate, seeds spread quickly and plague lawns and gardens with a permanent residency.

Bulbil Weeds – The usual oxalis and buttercups that prominently spread bulbs of weeds and must be killed by chemical application.

Perennial Weeds – Better known as dandelions, thistles, and daises. Their occupying space is vast and spreads quickly, harnessing complex root systems, which allow them to come back annually. The most difficult to alleviate as any remains even after the extraction of roots can allow for reproduction.

Create a Plan of Action Specific to Your Needs

It’s free to get a specific quotation for your needs on combating weed control. Homeowner packages make the regular maintenance affordable through Mammoth Landscaping.