Parking Lot Maintenance


Repairs & Maintenance That Lasts

One of the greatest reasons for complete asphalt / concrete excavation is a lack of maintenance. Our partners at North American Concrete, a division of Groupa Ltd., are far too familiar with the consequences of poor maintenance.

Free Evaluation of Your Maintenance Needs

Crack Sealing – All concrete cracks, the goal is to control them below the surface. Concrete cracks on the surface worsen and can lead to heaving without help from maintenance.

Crack Filling – Asphalt cracks can be restored entirely with our approach to repairs. Firstly, debris and loose material is cleared with high pressure. Once completed, high-grade filler is pushed deep into the damaged area and smoothed even with existing asphalt. After-hours services available to reduce traffic at your business location.

Hot Patch Repair – This method requires larger machinery and heat boxes for patch repairs. This ensures high temperatures prior to laying asphalt which creates a smoother, more compact and durable hot patch repair.

Ready to Assess the Needs of Your Parking Lot?

Mammoth is armed with a team of construction professionals in the field of asphalt, concrete, and sustainable solutions. With our vision and your budget, we can make your building’s repairs a reality.