Property Maintenance


If You Have to Think Twice, Read Our Reviews.

Mammoth Landscaping is without a doubt today’s leader in landscaping and grounds maintenance. With new, cutting edge equipment and a strong edge on the landscape industry, you can depend on Mammoth Landscaping to raise the bar on your expectations.

A good-looking property is no coincidence and speaks volumes to your employees, customers, and partners as well as for neighbours, friends and family. We specialize in first impressions are happy to extend our services to you this season with Canada’s most trusted name in landscaping.

Free Evaluation of Your Maintenance Needs

Edging – Define the beautifully gardened beds with edges that keep them looking sharp.

Garbage / Debris Clearance – The condition of your property matters. We make sure your property is clean of debris at all hours, regardless of the weather.

Mowing – Cutting edge, zero turn mowers that make sure we’re in and out fast with precise, thorough results.

Trimming – Trees, shrubs, and bushes. We turn them into an art with sculpted horticultural services.

Vacant Lots / Field Care – Don’t lose control of the empty space on your property. We can turn it into an enhanced landscape from mowing to shredding.

Cleared Walkways – It’s important to have clean, safe routes. Our team regularly ensures sidewalks, walkways, and pathways remain that way.

Ready to Create a Plan of Action for Your Maintenance Needs?

Mammoth is armed with a team of construction professionals in the field of grounds care, landscaping and sustainable solutions. With our vision and your budget, we can make your building’s maintenance priority number one.