Tree Work


Second to None Experts in Tree Care & Healthy Growth

Without trees, a landscape isn’t truly complete. They are the Big Apple, the symbol that towers proudly next to your home or corporate building's image. A tree stands out as a representation of age and maturity as it takes years for these statures of beauty to fully develop and form into the milestones of your landscape.

Trees are also notoriously expensive and a long-term investment when considering the proper direction of growth and assurance in health. Our team of tree specialists cultivates that pattern of growth for you with continual certifications in horticultural practice.

How to Care for Your Trees

Mammoth’s specially tailored tree programs ensure the vitality of your trees with:

Growth Protection – Getting young trees on their way requires a commitment to care and protection.

Tree Health Evaluation – Every tree has a spot in our database with check-ups and reviews on their health and growth.

Insect Control – Different species of parasites and pests plague the well-being of your trees. We make sure that isn’t an issue anymore.

Trunk Health – Scheduled injections help target areas of illness as we protect the colour and strength of tree trunks.

Horticultural Oil – Late season insects, you can bet they’ll be there. Our oils help protect against the most troublesome of them.